Stigma against dementia


Stigma surrounding dementia involves having negative views and attitudes or treating people living with dementia unfairly, just on the basis of having this disease. While there is still a lot of misconception surrounding the concept of dementia, false beliefs easily spread.

If unaddressed, these misconceptions lead to biased attitudes, perpetuating the stigma and feeling of exclusion experienced by people with dementia thus reducing their well-being. Such attitudes also impact the families and caregivers of those affected. Any person with dementia is very likely to encounter stigma … even though anyone can be affected by dementia!

People living with dementia didn’t choose this condition and don’t welcome being excluded or ignored due to their diagnosis. Stigma can negatively impact the lives of people with dementia and their carers: misleading assumptions, negative language, belittlement and jokes, exclusion…


While learning and gaining knowledge about dementia, we all participate in creating a more solidary and inclusive society!