Dementia’s symptoms


What are the main symptoms of dementia? They vary among individuals, especially in the first stages. Nevertheless, common signs emerge:

Memory Loss: Struggling to remember recent events or details is the most common early sign of dementia. This memory loss can involve forgetting names, occurrences, or conversations.

Language and Communication Issues: Difficulty finding words, following conversations, and expressing thoughts may arise. It can also include substitutions of unusual words, making conversations hard to understand.

Difficulty in performing familiar tasks: Familiar tasks become complicated to perform. Everyday activities like dressing or cooking may be forgotten or performed incorrectly.

Difficulty understanding images and spatial relationships: A person with dementia can have a distorted perception may lead to challenges in judging distances, recognizing object edges, and misinterpreting patterns or reflections.

Disorientation in time and place: Losing track of time or place, not recognizing where one is, or being unsure about the time and date can occur.

Difficulty in planning and organising: People living with dementia may experience difficulties to solve problems, take decisions, and following simple steps.

Decreased judgement: loss of judgement capacity is common in dementia. A person can have difficulty making choices or take appropriate decisions (for example, wearing several layers of clothing in a warm day)

Mood and Behavior Changes: Sudden emotional shifts, anxiety, irritability, sadness, and loss of interest in activities can manifest. If you observe these symptoms in yourself or others, consult a doctor for guidance and support! Early detection can help proposing a better care for persons living with dementia.