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Cognitive awakening in the elderly

In Verona, Italy,  Prof. Oliverio will lead the participants on a journey in which they will discover the characteristics of this type of mental health condition that brings about a significant change in the lives of those who suffer from it and also in those who try to be helpful and supportive.

Prof. Oliverio is a well-known neurobiologist with an international reputation. He was a full professor of developmental psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome and has written a variety of popular and specialist texts on subjects ranging from psychology and biology to pedagogy and neuroscience. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications and numerous university and non-university texts, focusing mainly on the biological basis of behavior. He has studied the effects of psychotropic drugs and psychoactive and psychotropic substances, as well as the psychobiology of stress. Additionally, he has researched the relationship between brain development and function, with a focus on cortical and subcortical structures, genetic factors, and learning and memory processes.

In Italy, in the framework of the reMIND project, he already provided two online sessions about Memory and its decline and the prevention aspects to promote cognitive awakening for people with dementia.

This time in presential, on the 2nd of March, in Verona, Prof. Oliverio will discuss Relaxing and entertaining relationships through music and dance.

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