A community-based social care model to support

both people with dementia and caregivers

Our mission


The reMIND Project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program, seeks to improve the quality of life and well-being of both people with dementia and caregivers.





Our goals


reMIND project aims to raise-awareness in our communities and create environments where everyone (people with dementia, caregivers and society in general) can be better prepared to cope with the circumstances caused by dementia and enjoy a better quality of life.

An initiative to support caregivers and to reinforce their capacity to deal with dementia, to improve their well-being as well as the one of the people with dementia.


Our Project results

The Information and Awareness Campaign

The Information and Awareness Campaign The way dementia is perceived and portrayed can affect the way dementia and people with dementia are treated in society. For that reason, information and awareness become a tool to improve the perception of the disease and the prejudices associated with it, promoting the quality of life of people with…

The Capacity Building Program

The Capacity Building Program reMIND Caregivers” is a complete Capacity Building Programme oriented to informal, formal and professional caregivers from the community and relevant organisations. It aims to purposefully increase and adjust knowledge, skills and capacity for consistent, systematic and reliable care supporting towards caretaker’s wellbeing, but as well towards caregivers own personal and psychological…

The Solidary and Inclusive Communities

The Solidary and Inclusive Communities What is a Solidary and Inclusive Community? These are places that are sensitized and informed about the consequences of dementia on affected people and their caregivers, and better prepared to include them in society. These communities aim to reduce the stigma and exclusion often experienced by both people by dementia…

The Mobile App

The reMIND App The purpose of the reMind App is to consolidate and provide the resources, tools and interventions to support caregivers and care-recipients while confronting the challenges of dementia. The main idea is to help the persons with dementia and their caregivers to maximize their physical and mental functions in order to be able…

The Dissemination Guide

The dissemination guide You want to develop the reMIND initiative in your territory? During our project, we will build a Dissemination Guide, a step-by-step tool to allow you to replicate the reMIND Project in your Community.

News and events

News and Events

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